Training Services: Texas Rescue provides quality, professional training, at your site or a contracted site we have access to. This allows us to keep cost down and provide you with more training without spending more, since you are not having to pay to maintain "our" training facility like you would with most other companies. 

Stand-by Rescue Services: Texas Rescue can also provide Stand-by Rescue  for those companies that need to meet OSHA requirements for Permit Required Confined Space Entry.  

 We are fully self-contained and provide all of our own equipment, including supplied air breathing systems, monitors, Tri-pods, and all other necessary equipment.

We can provide services during shift work or around the clock depending on your company's specific needs.

Consulting Services: Texas Rescue provides consulting services, and can perform Rescue Team Evaluations  as required by OSHA of your current in-house rescue team or an outside stand-by rescue provider.

We can review your current policies and procedures, develop site specific rescue plans as required by OSHA for each of your confined spaces and permit required confined spaces, and we can act as a conduit between your company and your rescue provider whether it is a private contractor or the local Fire/Rescue department and verify they have the proper resources and training to provide rescue services at your facility. (Most fire departments do not have the capability to perform confined space rescue)

Rope Access: Texas Rescue can perform Rope Access Work at your location, saving your company valuable down time. Instead of spending time and money having scaffolding built and removed, or spending time and money for a crane or cranes, have our experienced crews make rope access and get the job done much quicker, and at a lower cost than having the work done from scaffolding.

Whether it's oil removal on Wind Turbines, or rust removal and painting in evap. coolers, panel inspections replacement or repair, or any other hand work in elevated or hard to access locations, Texas Rescue can get the job done. We can also provide rigging services for your employees to complete specialized work.

We are fully insured and provide coverage for your facility against damage as well. Contact us for a quote.   

Latest News:

Rope Rescue operations (High Angle Rescue) and Rope Rescue Technician, Confined Space Rescue, Operations Level and Confined Space Rescue Technician classes that are consistent with NFPA 1670-2014 and NFPA 1006 (and OSHA CFR 1910.146) have been approved by the Texas Commission on Fire Protection for Advanced Firefighter certification purposes. We have both A-list and B-list classes.                               



                           Rust removal on an Evap. cooler at a Electrical Generating Plant during an outage, then painting and coating after the removal

                           Texas Rescue crews completed two of these in only 28 hrs. utilizing Rope Access Techniques saving our client valuable time,

                           and money by not having to build scaffolding normally used to complete this work. We are Experts in Rope Access and can save your

                           company time and money.


Our instructors are all full time Firefighters, actively assigned to Technical Rescue Teams, Texas

Commission on Fire Protection Instructors, OSHA Confined Space Rescue compliant ,and are Texas EMT,

or Paramedic certified. All Instructors are well experienced in Fall Protection, Climber Safety, Wind Turbine Access, Confined Space

Stand-by Services, and Rope Access work and Instruction.



          You need us WHEN ? We'll be there, With our own Airplane

          we can get places most other company's cannot. This also

          reduces travel time, and reduces cost to our customers.



Texas Rescue can provide all the necessary equipment needed for both training and Stand-by Rescue. We do not require you to buy any of our equipment in order to provide your training. Call or e-mail for rates based on your location and class size.


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